Pay Your Quarterly Club Dues Online!

Note: There is a convenience fee.

Also, please pay attention to your Birthday charge. There is a $10 additional charge in the quarter with your birthdate.

Two options:

1. Full Dues with Charitable Contributions


Without Birthday is $306.70

$217.50(Dues) + $30(Children's) + $50(Paul Harris) + $9.20 (Convenience Fee)



With Birthday is $317.00

$217.50(Dues) + $10(Birthday) + $30(Children's) + $50(Paul Harris) + $9.50 (Convenience Fee)


2. Mininum Dues without Charitable Contributions.


Without Birthday is $224.31 

$217.50 (Dues) + $6.81(Convenience Fee)



With Birthday is $234.61

$217.50(Dues) + $10(Birthday) + $7.11 (Convenience Fee)



Please pay any other amounts with a check. We are considering expanding the options, based upon feedback and usage, so please don't hesitate to give your feedback to any officer of the club, or to Jason Foster.









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